Vacuum Pump (Rotary Evaporator)

Vacuum Pump (Rotary Evaporator)

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Quiet operation, no vibration, Long life PTFE diaphragm. Vacuum regulator for easy adjustment. Integral catch pots. No maintenance dry system. The vacuum pump is a powerful, chemically resistant pump which may ideally be employed for distillations with the rotary evaporators. Also useful for other applications. 
Includes vacuum regulator and catch pots to protect pump from liquid ingress, as standard.

•    Vacuum 13 mbar
•    Flow rate 25 Liter/min
•    Net weight 7 kg
•    Dimensions: W270XD144XD190mm
•    Electrical supply 230v, 50Hz, 150W.
•    Noise: 50 dB

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