Silicone Laboratory Tubing (Made In Germany)

Silicone Laboratory Tubing (Made In Germany)

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Specifications: made of silicone, colorless, 10meter/pcs

  • Softest and flexible for water circulating
  • Thick wall can stand for high pressure vacuum

- OD: 5mm; ID: 3mm; wall: 1mm
- OD: 6mm; ID: 4mm; wall: 1mm
- OD: 10mm; ID: 5mm; wall: 2.5mm
- OD: 10mm; ID: 6mm; wall: 2mm
- OD: 12mm; ID: 6mm; wall: 3mm
- OD: 13mm; ID: 7mm; wall: 3mm
- OD: 12mm; ID: 8mm; wall: 2mm
- OD: 14mm; ID: 8mm; wall: 3mm
- OD: 14mm; ID: 10mm; wall: 2mm
- OD: 18mm; ID: 12mm; wall: 3mm
- OD: 26mm; ID: 20mm; wall: 3mm

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