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The multipurpose shakers are designed to satisfy the most demanding mixing and vortexing requirements across a broad range of applications. Chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology research laboratories will appreciate their assortment of accessories attachments. Heavy duty construction combined with powerful motors and advanced electronic controls enable the shakers to withstand the stresses of continuous operation. Models have continuously variable speed controls, and can be set for timed and continuous operation. 

1.    Compact, orbital and linear shaker with ideal swivel motion, for a maximum shaking weight of 7.5kg and 2.5kg;
2.    LCD display (for selective modes) of speed, time and operating mode;
3.    Wide range of accessories for multi-applications;
4.    Electronic timer;
5.    Over speed detection and protection;
6.    Extended application (for selective modes): Equipment can be connected to a PC via the RS232 interface port to control and record the measurements; Parameters can be preset on the PC with a provided software.


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