Over Head Stirrer

Over Head Stirrer

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The digital Over Head Stirrers is designed to provide strong stirring abilities for chemical reactions and mixing of solvents in research laboratories. They have wide applications in Chemistry, Food Science, Life Sciences and Materials Sciences. 

1:  Advanced technology to provide accurate stirring speed control; 
2: PC system to control the starting speed, preventing samples from overflowing;
3:  LCD real-time display: setting and monitoring values of the temperature can be shown;
4: Overload protection: the motor will automatically stop in case of continuous overloading of electricity;
5: Setting safety circuit: The circuit will be cut off in cases of overheating and/or other exceptional circumstances;
6: Extended application: The equipment can be connected to a PC via the RS232 interface port to control and record measurements; Parameters can be also set via a PC to carry out safety monitoring.



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