AION SCIENTIFIC PTE LTD will try our best to improve our service for our customers. Not only supply the highest quality products by the competitive prices, but also provide the best and considerate services after sales.

Aion Scientific offers Limited warranty (parts and labour) for the components failed due to defects in Materials or workmanship. Warranty starts from the date of issued Invoices. During the warranty time, if there are any troubles with our products we promise the maintenance cost of them will be free. The company or its authorized technician reserves the right to repair or replace the components at any of its workshops depending on the severity of the problems. Moreover, the faulty units or parts will be also free.

This warranty does not cover equipment where defects or poor performance is due to misuse, accidental damage, exposure to radioactive or corrosive materials, negligence, faulty installation, unauthorized modifications or attempted repair or failure to observe the requirements and recommendations as given in this user manual.

  Repairs carried out under the warranty does not extend the warranty period, components removed during the warranty repairs become the company property. The statutory right of the purchaser is not affected by this warranty. The terms of this warranty is governed by the Singapore Law. For the complete details on warranty information, see the terms and conditions of sale available on our web site.