Fridge and Freezer DW-GL218/328/388/538/828

Fridge and Freezer DW-GL218/328/388/538/828

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Code: DW-GL218/328/388/538/828

Effective Capacity: 218/328/388/538/828Liter 
Temperature range: -10℃ ~ -65℃ 


•    Upright type 
•    Inside temperature ranging from -10℃~-65℃ can be set freely , controlling precision is 1℃ 
•    Stainless steel interior, Outer is painted steel panel 
•    Front opening lockable door with full height handle 
•    155mm foaming insulation (DW-GL538 is 100mm with VIP board) 
•    Vacuum release port 
•    Inner 3 shelves Stainless steel with inner door (DW-GL218 is 2shelves) 
•    Imported Danfoss compressor, Tow compressors parallel connection, to reduce noise and improve the cooling temperature come to -65℃ steady. 2-4 hours come to -65℃.very fast. 
•    Fan electromotor with internationally famous of Germany EBM 
•    Microprocessor-based temperature control system, platinum resistance sensors 
•    Digital temperature display 
•    Keyboard lock and password protected configuration page 
•    Audible and visual alarm: 
•    High or low temperature alarm, Power failure alarm, Low battery alarm, Door ajar alarm, Filter blocking alarm, system failure alarm 
•    With temperature printer, record 7days data. 
•    72 hour battery back up for printer and controller display. 
•    4units Casters for easy handing 
•    Mixture gas with R134a,R404a,R23,R24,N2,R600a and more, CFC free 
•    Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO13485 
•    Power supply: 220V /50Hz 1 phase, can change as 220V 60HZ or 110V 50HZ or 110V 60HZ 
•    Optional: chart recorder, CO2 back up, storage racks, boxes 


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