Dry Vacuum Pump Set (JGM Series)

Dry Vacuum Pump Set (JGM Series)

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Code: JGM-500A

It is a kind of Roots pump, widely used for oil-free pumping system in different fields:

  1. The oil-free pumping system of integrated circuits and solar cells equipment;
  2. Moderate corrosion process and clean process environment, e.g. the injection chamber, transfer chamber, PVD, silicon etching, metal etching, metrology, optical electromagnetic moment, photovoltaic laminating machine, MOCVD
  3. Metallurgical industry, e.g. vacuum degassing, vacuum melting and steel vacuum molten treatment.
  4. Non-corrosive gases pumping in space simulation and low-density wind tunnel.
  5. Distillation, evaporation, and drying process in chemical, food, medicine and electrical


It is an oil-free vacuum pump which can gain clean vacuum with the abilities of directly start, fast pumping speed, high vacuum degree, continuously operate, maintenance-free, low-energy, small size, light weight and low noise.

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