Digital Syringe Pumps TJ1A

Digital Syringe Pumps TJ1A

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This pump is a single-channel micro syringe pump which only has infusion mode. It combines precision, compact size with ease of installation and operation. It can hold micro liter unit standard glass syringe. The features of accurate distance control and broad linear speed range (7.9 m/min-79.4 mm/min) can meet versatile requirements. Its vertical (horizontal) installation structure makes this pump easily used in micro manipulator, stereotaxic instrument for various biologic research applications.

Working mode: infusion; user-defined glass syringe: save 4inner diameters of user-defined glass syringe barrel; linear force output: full stroke>20N; memory function: select resume operation or remain stopped when power returns after an interruption; signal output: start/stop, cw/ccw output (open collector); calibration: acquire accurate volume through calibration; fast forward & fast reverse: infusion or filling at the max. speed.

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