Bottle-top Dispensers

Bottle-top Dispensers

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The “DispensMate plus” Bottle-top Dispensers are designed for dispensing aggressive reagents, solutions as well as many organic solvents directly from a supply bottle.

1: Excellent chemical resistance;
2: Autoclavable at 121 0C;
3: Fast volume adjustment with analog slide;
4: Easy to dismantle for cleaning, with replaceable filling valves; 
5: Four ranges of bottle top dispenser covering a volume range of 0.5ml to 50ml;
6: Made of PTFE, ETFE, FEP, BGS, PP;
7: Vapor pressure with a maximum of 500mbar, viscosity maximum of 500mm2/s, temperature of maximum 40 0C and a density maximum of 2.2g/cm3;
8: Presence of adaptor to allow better fitting to standard reagent bottles; 
9: “DispensMate plus” is supplied with S40, GL32, GL38, GL25, GL28 sized adapters;



Accessories (Adapters)
S40 (cat No. 17000069): 45/40mm; 
GL32 (cat No. 17400017): 45/32mm; 
GL38 (cat No. 17400018: 45/38mm;
GL25 (cat No.17400019): 32/25mm; 
GL28 (cat No. 17400020): 32/28mm.
Reagent Bottle (Brown, 1L) (cat No. 17400037)
Filling tube(m)(cat No. 17400021)
Discharge tube(m)(cat No. 17400073)


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