Bench top chiller

Bench top chiller

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Adoption of low-temperature liquid circulation equipment of compression refrigeration methods can cool the tube, the reaction bottles directly and so on to have chemical reaction under low-temperature and store chemical and biological products under low-temperature。 Besides, it can also be combined with Rotary Evaporator, Vacuum Freeze-drying Box, Multi-purpose Circulating Water Vacuum Pump.

•    Large-capacity open bath combined with outside loop can not only be used as freezing tanks, but also provide cooling fluid outside
•    Refrigeration compressors and other key parts adopt products with famous brands of the United States, Germany, and France and have high reliability and efficiency
•    Circulating system adapts ANSI304, 316 and macromole anti corrosion substance, which can prevent rust, corrosion, and low temperature liquid pollution

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